these things i'll never say
a gurl who never lucky in her anything..

how could this be..

By sarahtebuan
rite now i m at my hometown.
zohor time 1.10pm today.
12.40 aiman already get dressed to go for jumaat prayer.
i m sending him to masjid at 1.05pm.
arrived at home, my neighbour tgh siramkn pokok bunga.
not yet ready for jumaat prayer.
aiman 12 yrs old boy already at masjid.
he 50 plus minus still siraming pokok bunga at home.
what a shame...

reasons why coffee can be better than men

By sarahtebuan
  • You don't have to put cream in your coffee to make it taste good.
  • Coffee doesn't complain when you put whipped cream in it.
  • A cup of coffee looks good in the morning.
  • You won't fall asleep after a cup of coffee.
  • You can always warm coffee up.
  • Coffee comes with endless refills.
  • Coffee is cheaper.
  • You won't get arrested for ordering coffee at 3 AM.
  • Coffee never runs out.
  • Coffee is out of your system by tomorrow morning.
  • You can make coffee as sweet as you want.
  • Coffee smells and tastes good.
  • If your coffee pot leaks, you can use a regular paper towel.
  • You can always get fresh coffee.
  • You can turn the pot on, leave the room, and it'll be hot when you get back.
  • You can always ditch a bad cup of coffee.
  • Coffee goes down easier.
  • If you put chocolate in your coffee, it doesn't put on weight.
  • No matter how ugly you are, you can always get a cup of coffee.
  • A big cup or small cup? It doesn't matter.
  • Coffee smells good in the morning.
  • Coffee is good when it's cold too.
  • Coffee stains are easier to remove.
  • Coffee doesn't care when you dunk things in it.
  • Coffee doesn't care what kind of mood you're in.
  • Coffee is ready in 15 minutes or less.
  • You can't get a cup of coffee pregnant by putting cream in it.
  • Coffee doesn't mind being ground.
  • No matter how bad coffee is, you can always make it better.
  • Coffee doesn't have a time of the month... it's good all the time.
  • When you have a coffee, you don't end up with a pube in the back of your throat.
  • Coffee doesn't take up half your bed.
  • Coffee doesn't mind if you wake up at 3 AM and decide to have a cup.
  • You can have an intelligent conversation with coffee.
  • Your coffee won't be jealous of a larger cup.

the mouth of truth

By sarahtebuan
Last nite went to midvalley and i had very enjoyable time (i do mean very x99..ok!!) with my ehem ehem**blushing** so after we had our dinner and dunno what to do, we planned to have karaoke session again together (its a new hobby tho for us =P) we walk..walk..and walk..then we found a machine dat with the big mouth that can read our its like ske ski for me to try it out(not to mention to waste 40cent of mine) to jez ske ski read my palm ;)
so here it goes:
  • Anda cenderung menggunakan kepintaran anda bagi kepentingan anda bagi kepentingan diri. (dis one is not really correct because i do consider others ok..its just sumtimes, we have to be selfish for own good too, rite?)
  • Anda seorang yang sangat pintar (define pintar plz.. =P)
  • Anda mencuba memperalatkan orang lain untuk kepentingan diri. ( izit?? **curious**)
  • Anda tahu untuk menyederhanakan semangat pengorbanan diri dan anda dapat hidup dengan gembira dan bahagia. ( no komen bout this..rite now i am hepi n bahagia..**ku bahagia-ala2 melly goeslaw)
  • Masalah kesihatan anda sebahagian besarnya berpunca daripada jiwa yang tertekan. (yezzaa..migrain, gastrik what else? of course mine is start from stress)
  • Anda mendapati sukar untuk menumpukan perhatian dalam sesuatu yang membina dan anda dapat cepat hilang minat dalam apa yang anda lakukan. (50-50 laa..sumtimes i might get bored with things so easily and sumtimes not esp the thang dat i loike~!!)
so.. apa kata surbey??

By sarahtebuan
i dunno why man have to be soo ego and arrogant..
i cant understand..
rugi ker if they low profile and try to respect woman and feel their heart?
Rasulullah ponx tak pnah nk jadik ego dgn perempuan..yes, you are not nabi but please sedikit sebyk follow him..
if you feel that you are somehow soo great, the only one..may Allah show you the way, hopefully..

not gentleman

By sarahtebuan
Semalam, salah sorang dari senior kt tmpt keje dtg kat area cubicle kitorg. Sambil 'Hye and again what's ur name' and me like "hellooo..cant remember my name meih".. rupanya he's trying to make conversation with me saying that actually, i already booked your place (referring to my cubicle oK) since before u are here..Me like oK, but then Ahri asked me to sit here since my first day..and that place is like rubbish at that time!! and suddenly he wants his 'place' back..whadaaaaa~!!! dat man keep repeating that he already booked that place but HELLO, mana ada tulih nama dia ponx..i asked him to seat behind one of my colleague but he didnt also dun want..go and ask ahri la..
F**k up btol la..tho u r senior, consider ah sket..dah la berebut cubicle n woman plak tuh..demm u r not gentleman like your physical man!! gila downgrade urself..after me working and set up my place 1months ++ , now u want to claim that place is yours..huk ala
Ahri is coordinator there, shes more like trainer now and used to be one of the team lead before..lantak ah**malah laye**
one more thing, my cubicle mmg la very strategic, tmpt plg hujung and ke dalam skali, tepi tingkap n belakang tiang..tmpt plg sesuai la utk menyorok =P
ramai jerk laki yg tak gentleman skang neh..harap muka jer hensem, nice looking bla bla bla..perangai cm hampages jerk..
ada ker patut..berebut cubicle n pompan??? huahuahuahuahua

eye illusion part 1

By sarahtebuan
Beautiful scene. But there is something more to it. Could u tell me what is it? =)


tag lagi..

By sarahtebuan
5 things found in my bag
My EmiLy purse**buruk gell, sape nk kasik purse baru neh?**
my 7610**yeah i noe its quite tukun, siap kene ikat getah lagi, but dat one my father give it to me k**
my baby Kelisa keys
strawbewi lip baLm
a piLot pen
**huk ala, cukup2 5 rupanye ngeh3

5 things found in my purse
myKad + driving licence
ATM cards + cash
muvie tickets + receipt**still have the sentimental value for my precious'**
pictures**mine + his + ours + his 5 ringgit note =)**
business cards**facial + manicure, pedicure + salon**
**dats y my purse very kembong one sampai takleh tutup

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
Go to Japan!!
Cuti2 Malaysia
Buy new handphone
Buy house
Get my dreamx car

5 things I’m currently into
Dancing + fitness
Make up
Shoegasm =P
Buy all my dreamx things n save money

5 people I’m going to tag
Sesape yg ade perasaan nk wat

monday morning survey..

By sarahtebuan
[01] Do you still have feelings for your ex?
++ a big YES for dis one++
[02] Have you ever been given roses?
++yes, 1st time long long time ago + when He's coming back from Cameron Highland**i'm soo surprised dear + during my convo, a lot!!**but i love dat one the most =)**++
[03] What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
++ 10 things i hate about you ++
[04] How many times have you honestly been in love?
++ honestly, ONCE ++
[05] Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
++ ya lorh ++
[06] Whats your current problem?
++ he's quite emo n stressed nowadays with his personal problem but still i try to help him but then i m the one yg kena**huhu** better i back off or what i dunno.jez come back to me when u feel it hunny bie ++
[07] Have you ever had your heartbroken?
++ YES, the latest is the MOST**thiang-pulauk** ++
[08] Your thoughts of online or long distance relationships?
++ i'm not really believe in online relationship but long distance YES because LOVE is not the matter when you are near or far, it alwaiz be inside and be with u all the time ++
[09] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?
++ currently NO, but zmn dolu2 got one ++
[10 ] Do you believe the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater"?
++ it's depends.actually i m not believed that sttmnt.i'll give 2nd chance.if still, bu bu my dear ++
[11 ] How many kids do you want to have?
++ minimum 3**huahua, anak la pulak** ++
[12 ] What is your favorite color(s)?
++ pink**girlish** + red**sexy, sporty, garang** + purple**elegant** ++
[14] Do you believe you truly love only once?
++ i dunno..i believe, dats why i'm still... ++
[15] Imagine you're 69 & your spouse just died, and will you re-married?
++nope insyaAllah, tho i will feel alone but my memories with him will remain ++
[16 ] At what age did you start noticing the opposite sex?
++ Standrd 1**huahua** 1 hijau =P ++
[17] What song do you want to hear at your wedding?
++ especially for you-kylie minogue**wanna duet with him (in my dreamxx lorh, whadaa)** ++
[18] Do you know someone who likes you?
++ hu' what? ++
[19] Do you like anyone?
++ i LOVE him still..and i care bout him n his family too.. ++
[20] Do you believe in second chances?
++ YES..hoping, waiting.. ++

yes, it is TRUE..

By sarahtebuan
If a girl cries in front of you,
it means that she couldnt take it anymore.
If you take her hand,
she would stay with you for the rest of your life;
If you let her go,
she couldnt go back to being herself anymore.
A girl wont cry easily,
Except in front of the person who she love the most,
she becomes weak.
A girl wont cry easily,
only when she love you the most,
she put down her ego.
if a girl cries bcoz of you,
please hold her hands firmly,
she's the one who would stay with you for the rest of your life.
if a girl cries bcoz of you,
please dont give her up,
maybe bcoz of your decision,
you ruin her life.
When she cry rite in front of you,
When she cry bcoz of you,
Look into her eyes,
Can u see n feel the pain n hurt she's feeling??
Which other girl have cried with pure sincerity in front of you??
And bcoz of you??
She cry not because she is weak,
She cry not bcoz she want sympathy or pity,
She cry,
Because crying silently is no longer possible,the pain,hurt,n agony have become too big a burden to be kept inside.
Think about it,
If a girl cry her heart out to you,
And all because of you,
Its time to look back on what u have done,
Only you will know the answer to it.
Do consider it,
Coz one day,
It may be too late for regrets,
It may be too late to say "im sorry".
To you...
Dont do dis to a girl,
You may regret for the rest of your life.
May be in your life,she's the only one that LOVE YOU the most..

By sarahtebuan
i mish my shitam.but the most i mish is my shitami..

i mish my shitami vewy much =/

shitam blues again..

By sarahtebuan
mum put me on the fon with loudspeaker and asked me to call his name..
cannot tahan already when mum n aiman said dat shitam is cium2 n syg2 mum's henset when i called his name..when i called "shitam tam perut temok temok" he started to wat lembik..can imagine already n dats make me mish him more..
and also when he heard dat i said to "cium kaki" he started to cium2 the fon again n aiman said that shitam nmpk sedey sangat n dun want to let me talk with shitam..
yes i mish shitam my teman tido very much ="( always gerak me for sahor n subuh..
kalau tadek pa pe surely i ll go home dis wiken but i have a few appointments n things to do with my frenx..
i mish shitam dem much until me cry last nite ="""""((((

shitam blues

By sarahtebuan
arrived at office quite early dis morning..45minutes early..huk ala, mmg cemerlang abih ah..tapi pe yg dibuat di ofis adalah ym + surfing jerk..too lazy to do my readings**haih**
suddenly kak teh**my sista** call, citer bile nk kene balik from her skul n then mintak my permission nk balik n train..whadaaa~ nk nek train from SP to BM yg amik masa may be sejam jer ke berapa jam if nek train..kedengaran sungguh tak logik but then /me paham that she jez wanna hang out n have some fun wif her frenz..but i think dis is not the right time yet..
then my mum call plak and ask bout my last two days..and then got special request from her, ask me to come back to my hometown to take my aiman for his test in AloQ SetaQ since she will be having kursus dat time**haih**still me tho' i already working in kL rite now, things jez the same.. soccay, may be i will balik kampung again dat wiken, so i can see my famili and shitam too =) **yeayy**
then my mum ask me to call 'shitam'..she put her hp near shitam ears and suddenly dengar my mum gelak2!! wuuu sangat jeles!! mak bitau tinger shitam gerak2 and then cari2 me bile panggey name dia..i really mish my shitam like hell laa**cedey**
so rini another new collague baru i have to rebut my cuti raya!! tak kire laa..aku yg tanye dulu, shud entertain me first laa tho' he already married..1st come 1st serve la..tho' i am single but i have my own responsibilities too, to my famili and my .........

tadek keje

By sarahtebuan
aku mmg nk updet blog tambah plak tadek keje tah ape la nasib aku rini.may b org kata bad day kot.1)cari shuttle bas tak jupe, terpaksa nek teksi plak 2)nk updet blog tibe2 jadik bahasa jeponx.bia la mata aku sepet cm mata jeponx ponx, tadek la aku reti sangat bahasa jeponx.stkt paham pe yg takuya cakap tuh bleh laaa..
memandangkan aku tadek keje neh..nah hamek~!

By sarahtebuan
Your Relationship is Still Building Strength

You're relationship is fairly strong, but you're still working on making things solid.
Make sure you're both treating each other with kindness and respect, even when things aren't going well.

By sarahtebuan

You Are a Friendly Ex

While the guys you've dated haven't been perfect, you've kept most as friends

In fact, one or two of your exes may be your best friends - after all, they know you best

And though your mature attitude is awesome, make sure nothing gets too weird

Or else you could lose these friendships, simply because your exes' new women think you're *too* friendly


di saat itu..

By sarahtebuan
Di saat aku tgh bergayut bersama temanku di suatu pagi sabtu, sambil ditemani oleh si shitam, kedengaran bunyi kilat dan guruh di luar sana memberi petanda menyuruh ku berhenti.Tetapi kutetap tidak mempedulikannya.
Shitam bangun sambil berbunyi dan berjalan dengan gelisah sekali.Tidak pernah sekali dia berkelakuan demikian.Jam menunjukkan hampir 3 pagi.Apakah yang cuba ditunjukkan dan diperkatakn shitam kepadaku??Sesungguhnya ku tidak mengerti..
Aku bersama teman masih lagi membincangkn isu semasa kami.Shitam senyap sudah, membuatkan ku lagi rancak berborak bersama teman.
Tiba-tiba kulihat shitam sedang membersihkan dirinya sendiri.Pada masa yang sama segenap bilik ku berbau tidak 'enak' sekali..Ku cari segenap pelosok bilikku, setiap sudut yang tersorok.Kelihatan anugerah setompok di bawah meja tulisku.
Uwaaaa...bengongnya shitam sangat tak bes anugerah yg diberikan kepadaku itu..Terpaksa aku bersihkan sendiri anugerah tu disebabkan semua org telah dilena diulit mimpi.Mau tak mau kuterpaksa..Sesungguhnya ku telah dianiayai..
Sebagai denda, shitam tak dapat tidur bersamaku malam itu.Ku tak sanggup.Keesokan harinya, shitam tidak begitu manja bersamaku.Tahu agaknya dirinya bersalah.Tapi malamnya dia dah wat muka kesian, lemah dan cair hatiku melihatnya**haih**
p/s:silalah faham dan mementingkan apa mesej yang cuba disampaikan oleh kucing anda.

kisah nurin

By sarahtebuan
malaysia dikejutkan dengan berita yang DNA mayat kanak2 yang dijumpai minggu lepas adalah sama dengan DNA bagi ibu bapa Nurin, tetap menafikan yang tuh adalah mayat anak perempuan mereka.
haih.sedeh hati bila dengar berita cmneh.pilu hati mendengar kanak2 menjadi mangsa keganasan penjenayah bengong yang di luar tabii neh.kejam sungguh hati manusia, terutamanya org dewasa yang sanggup wat cm tuh kat kanak2 yang tak berdosa seperti Nurin tuh.wponx, berita ada ura2 menyatakan famili nurin menyembunyikan fakta seperti mungkin kematian nurin ada kena mengena dengan kegiatan ALONG. walau apa ponx sebabnya, jgn la disebabkan kesalahan si ayah atau ibu itu sendiri, anak mereka menjadi mangsanya.
sebagai ibu bapa mangsa, memang la menafikan mayat itu adalah mayat anak ibu Nurin teta redha jika itu mayat anaknya.Ibu bapa mana yang tak berada dalam keadaan mcm tuh "in denial", menafikan keadaan kerana kenyataan itu terlalu pedih dan perit utk ditelan.
namun begitu, usaha pihak berkuasa untk melakukan ujian DNA kali ke 2 bersama ujian DNA kakak Nurin patut dilakukan untuk mengurangkan keadaan yng semakin keruh ni. walau bagaimana pahit dan teruk skali dugaan yg melanda, kita umat Islam yg masih lagi mempunyai iman seharusnya pasrah dan redha dengan qada dan qadar Allah tetapkan.sesuatu yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya..sama2 lah kita berdoa penjenayah yang bersalah akan dikenakan hukuman yng setimpal dengan perbuatannya..kalau tidak di dunia, di akhirat pasti takkan terlepas dengan azab Allah..
p/s: sensitif sungguh isu neh since still ade adik + kezen2 yg sebaya n umor Nurin..mintak2 dijauhkan segala kejahatan untuk kanak2 seperti mereka ini..Amin..

'lindsay lohan'

By sarahtebuan
aku g tgk wayang n adik aku.tibe2 rasa nk g toilet dia.terkejut plak aku tgk pintu toilet dia cmneh.nk tergelak ponx ade.uhuh sian plak lindsay lohan kene pelekat kat pintu toilet jer =P huahua


By sarahtebuan
When a guy is quiet,
He's listening to you...

word of the day

By sarahtebuan
last week, since public hols, ramai yg balik umah, so mak + tok decide nk wat kenduwi tahlil untuk arwah ayah + wan.on that day, aku telah mempelajari perkataan baru dalam kamus hidupku**chewah** tuh ponx, member bek tok aku yg sesaja sembang n aku kat dapor umah, soal selidik pasal life aku skang after stadi, after convocation.
"ha dah tuh bila nk cakuk?"
"laa..cakuk pun tak tau ka.."
"tak tau la..tak penah dengaq pun..cakuk seluaq tau laa.."
"haa cakuk kawen laa..sat g bila dah keja, tak cakuk lagi susah..keja besaq.."
"haha kawen kaa..tok yam cari kan la.."
"huh takmau laa..gaya tengok dah ada.."
so kengkawan..cakuk bermaksud ikat..bertunang atau kawen dan makna yang sewaktu dengannya..tuh bahasa kiasan zaman tok aku kot since tanya mak n makngah aku ponx diorg wat2 blur jugak.
so, sesiapa yang dah ada tuh, cukup syaratnya, cakuk la cepat2..nk tunggu ape lagi k =)

By sarahtebuan
When a girl is quiet,
millions of things are runningthrough her mind...


By sarahtebuan
hari neh genap ayah tinggalkan kami sekeluarga setahun..
tapi aku rasa mcm baru sangat n kdg2 rasa ayah ade jer kat umah neh..
rindu ayah sangat2..
setahun ayah meninggal kemdian, rupenye aku kat umah..
pesan ayah supaya tgk n jaga adik2 n famili akan ku ingat n ikut selalu..
rupenye setahun ayah meninggal kemdian, akan ku jupe org yg tsayang =)
ku usahakan jua walau sesusah mane skali ponx..sesibuk mana sekali ponx tugas ku di rumah..
ku kira hari demi hari untuk bertemunya..
tak sabar sangat!!
so hari neh cedey cangat2 =((
genap setahun ayah meninggal..
si dia ponx pergi same, balik dari penang tinggalkan owang sowang2 agi =(((
ske jer nk tinggalkan owang sowang2.....
tak ske laaa peribahasa sayang isteri tinggal-tinggalkan tuh..
tadek idea lain ker nk wat peribahasa cm tuh**hampeh**
wat laa peribahasa cm len plak..
untuk si dia, thnx for coming n glad i can see u**hugs n kisses**
n suwee too for my 'meghaping' to u..
n now i hope u noe already y i wear baju kurung with ur 'white-tudung-soo-kiut-flowers' today..**thnx for trillion..really appreciate n i likeee it**
n i hope dat now u understand y dis time i'm soo meghaping n sensitive too with my 'red-flags' **pissed off**
suwee dat i could not treat u well this time..dunno y..rase mcm my travel to c u, lgi lama n leteh..compared to c u and spending time with u..i m sooo cedey bie..n frustrated too..
uwaaaaa...uwaaaa..(comfort me bie**harapan laa**) uwaaaaa again..

how to make a woman happy...

By sarahtebuan
A man only needs to be:
1. A friend
2. A companion
3. A lover
4. A brother
5. A father
6. A master
7. A chef
8. An electrician
9. A carpenter
10. A plumber
11. A mechanic
12. A decorator
13. A stylist
14. A psychologist
15. A pest exterminator
16. A psychiatrist
17. A healer
18. A good listener
19. An organizer
20. A good father
21. Very clean
22. Sympathetic
23. Athletic
24. Warm
25. Attentive
26. Gallant
27. Intelligent
28. Funny
29. Creative
30. Tender
31. Strong
32. Understanding
33. Tolerant
34. Prudent
35. Ambitious
36. Capable
37. Courageous
38. Determined
39. True
40. Dependable
41. Passionate
42. Give her compliments regularly
43. Love shopping
44. Be honest
45. Be very rich
46. Not stress her out
47. Not look at other girls
48. Give her lots of attention, but expect little yourself
49. Give her lots of time, especially time for herself
50. Give her lots of space,never worrying about where she goes
51. Never to forget: * Birthdays * Anniversaries * Arrangements she makes

keluaran terbaru perodua..aku ponx baru tau

By sarahtebuan

i hate u..yes u!!

By sarahtebuan
benci!!! benci!! benci!!!
i m quite pissed off with my life nowadays..dunno y..
aku kah yang terase..
atau aku kah yang emo..
sbb PMS kah???
aku SENSITIF kah??
suddenly i feel like tadek tempat nk bermanje..when i want dat sumone to feel me to comfort me but no body with me..he's not there..
kt luar..
letey laa..
tadek mood...
so, pompan tadek seme rase cm tuh ker..
so ingt pompan neh tak bz?
pompan neh tak keluar hang out n kawan2?
pompan neh tak letey pas balik keje or g jalan2??
pompan neh ade mood memanjang, 24 jam??
ape ingt pompan neh tadek perasaan ker..
bak kata ina. si tunggul kayu?? aku si tiang elektrik??
**tarik nafas**
ape susah sangat ker laki neh nk faham perasaan pompan?
ape susah sangat ker laki neh nk paham pompan?
if u dun understand them, jez hear what they said..
she jez want sumbody..
n thanx God for dat sumone(u noe who u are..) if not, msti la sakit dada tahan nanges, ape org cakap, menahan sebak di dada..
n suddenly my MeM besar dah balik dari kL..oMiGOSH!!
semenye tak kene..
pakai baju kecik kene tego cakap dah berubah..
pakai baju besar cakap dah gemok..lengan besau laa..mcm ManJa la..demmit samekan aku cam ManJa..whadaaaa~
so WHAT???
u expect me to say n talk to u properly or whatso ever to u??
u hurt my feeling n then i cannot hurt urs too???
i cannot understand..
we'all have to respect u but y`all dun respect us???
like HELLO...
org muda zmn skang is not like org muda zmn dulu..
me RUDE??
if YES, then what u gonna do to me?
nk tau ape yg me rase nk wat skang neh??
take my key--> start my baby Kelisa-->go to kL again or no where
and u if u dun respect me, dun expect me to do the same to u!!
lepaskan perasaan yang terpendam


By sarahtebuan
ok..ok..since aku ade mood nk updet blog lagi wponx event dah tunggang terbalik..hentam sajalah eh..
so tanggal 7hb julai 2007..maka berlangsung lah lagi satu upacara pernikahan my ex hosmet kat UTP iaitu my beloved kak rina a.k.a pearl eye..disebabkan aku rasa rapat dgn nya maka aku ponx bertekad la hendak pegi time akad nikah biarponx sowang2, tanpa ditemani sahabat handai..biarponx hanya sowang2 kat umah kak rina*hukhuk*

bermula dgn lagi satu episod gamble g umah kak rina, dgn tak biasa area ampang indah, ku gagahi jua..alhamdulillah, tuhan mudahkan perjalanan ku pagi tuh =) setibanya di rumah kak rina, mmg aku sowang jer temannye..yg len seme adik beradik kak rina..bilik kak rina di tuju, kelihatan pengantinnye tgh bersiap2..then secara tak rasminya aku menjadi pengapit iaitu teman kak rina ke masjid utk diakadnikahkan..

setibanya di masjid, pengantin laki sudah sampai..kelihatan jua pengapitnye berbaju ungu jugak(sempat agi ushar*hikhik*) ok..ok..siyes..sbnrnya aku yg cuak..kak rina lex ja*hampeh*beberapa kali aku sound kak rina soh wat2 malu*berlakon jer sploh minit*

yg nk tergelaknye..time pak imam bg khutbah..kak rina sempat berposing agi depan kamera kezen2nya..timetuh jugak pak imam ushar dia sempat tego agi n direct kene sound*hikhik* bunyiknye cm kene sound n lecturer kan kak rina? =P time tuh laa aku pk..

btol ker neh kak rina nk kawen =P

so time akad nikah, hatiku berasa lebeh cuak..ku tahu kak rina ponx same sbb kakinye sejuk(terpegang laa..) dgn sekali lafaz, kak rina dah jadik isteri org n milik abangnye..alhamdulillah =)

bajet ade adegan drama pastuh, tp masih leh dikontrol oleh kak rina..tak tragis langsung huhu tp ku tahu, ayah kak rina agak sebak dari raut wajah seorang ayah..aku plg ske adegan neh :

words cannot describe this action**speechless**

so pastuh, aku neman n tgk diorg amik gamba kat atas masjid..nice sangat!!wah..wah..mule la tuh nk berangan sendiri2 =P

then balik ke umah kak rina, lunch n chaloss!!

sesampainye kat umah teros bum-bum..penat + nantok gell..

so pasneh kak namo plak ye =D


honka fc

By sarahtebuan
skang neh hangat bersama musim bola AFC 2007..aku neh tadek ponx layan bola kalau stkt asia2 neh..bukan la nk mempersendakan atau tgk la, cukup la dgn mesia kene 1-5 ngan china..mesia..mesia..
so, tanggal 24 june yg lalu(bapak lame dah =P), aku ponx turut serta mengikuti rombongan budak2 ofis kat shah alam..diorg ade main streetsoccer..ingtkan main2 jer, rupenye tournament..aku ponx ngikut jer laa..stkt jadik tukang sorak(bukan tukang sorok k), ape la wat kat dataran shah alam cm lepak jer kat situ..byk gak team participate..aku rase open kot..ade gak utk pompan..layan jer kat situ ade bukak booth utk tiket ker ape tah, so kuiz2, PS2 nye game station kat situ etc aku tak amik port sangat since aku datang sinin sekadar jadik pompom gurl ofismet aku n cuci mata jer (hehe..layann..) lama dah tak wat keje neh..asik loyal jer..loyal ponx cm tak dihargai jerk..upss!! **emosi**
so, team name : Honka FC..bengong budak2 neh..tibe2 jer letak name tah pa manager ah tuh a.k.a wat2 team captain..malas nk pk.. performance diorg quite oK even though tak tuwun training ponx ( skang neh baru dok wat2 trening =P) ..ade yg menang n ada yg klh..but then diorg tak fight sampai abih sbb tak larat a.k.a pancit, ada hal laa bla bla pas rest jer tgh hari after lunch teros blah..yg bengangnye kitorg yg pompom gurl neh la..penat sorak jer tapi fight tgh jalan*ade yg nk kene ketok pale*
tatau nape aku updet pasal diorg even aku tak main ponx..tah la..rasa enjoy kot follow diorg bagi sapot, since tadek komitmen*hikhik*

how bad my temper according my horoscope..

By sarahtebuan

You are noble and kind and dislike losing control over your emotions.
It is very rare for you to get angry.
You are also the pacifier in situations that involve arguments.
It is always your endeavor to be perfect and socially correct in your behavior and attitude, but if misunderstood and slighted you can give in to an angry outburst.
You will shout and scream and then walk out from the scene.
You cannot easily forget the situation and will be bitter about it for a long time.

p/s: quite true actually =P esp bab2 susah nk marah neh..tatau nape..kalau marah ponx sekejap jer..n bnda2 len cm btol gak n me malas nk layan, malas nk komen*nantok*


i m going to german

By sarahtebuan
org tua2 cakap tak bek ceritekan mimpi2 kite, tak bek hebohkan mimpi kite tuh kat org len..tapi pada aku, tpulang la pada niat masing2..
semlm aku mimpi aku nek kapal terbang, tak tahu nape nk g german..nk kata g tengok bola, world cup ponx dah abih..yg pastinye, aku nk g german tuh n ayah aku..btol2 aku ingt ayah aku ada kt sebelah..seingat aku, famili yg lain tadek plak follow skali..kitorg borak2 mcm biasa..then tibe2 ada org dtg tanyekan sumthing then teros tjaga tido......

ape maksud mimpi aku tuh?

May Be Ayah Windukan aKu??
sbb org salu cakap kalau kite windukan org tuh, salunye org tuh windukan'uh, me admit i really mish my dad =/

May Be Ayah nk Kejutkn aKu BanGun Tido??
ye laa..jam dah koi bape time tuh, mesti la ayah nk soh aku bangun g solat subuh, g keje..
teringat dulu masa ayah still ada, kalau time cuti jer mesti ayah yg salu kejutkan tido, esp kalau aku tak tuwun2 umah agi, tak kua dari bilik agi..start ah dia ketok bilik*hikhik* kdg2 malas layan, kdg2 aku hangen tp pastuh mesti dengar bunyik ayah gelak2 dari lua bilik, kdg2 aku dok diam jer*since tak bangun agi hukhuk*
tp skang neh...
aku tak dapat dengar bunyik ayah ketok pintu bilik agi =(
cerite pasal mimpi ayah..
pnah dulu after ayah meninggal..aku mimpikan ayah jugak..ayah ade pesan soh aku jaga mak n adik2 bebaik..
but then i feel i m not a good daughter n sister..
kakak tak reti jaga adik2..
kakak tak reti nk jaga mak n tok..
i am suxx....

seat belt for women

By sarahtebuan

m E n

By sarahtebuan
1. The nice men are ugly.

2. The handsome men are not nice.

3. The handsome and nice men are gay.

4. The handsome, nice and heterosexual men are married.

5. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men, have No money.

6. The men who are not so handsome, but are nice men with money think we are only after their money.

7. The handsome men without money are after our money.

8. The handsome men, who are not so nice and somewhat heterosexual, don't think we are beautiful enough.

9. The men who think we are beautiful, that are heterosexual, somewhat nice and have money, are cowards.

10. The men who are somewhat handsome, somewhat nice and have some money and thank God are heterosexual, are shy and NEVER MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!!!!

11. The men who never make the first move, automatically lose interest in us when we take the initiative.

p/s: jez curik this post dari sumone's frenster..the results may vary between each individuals*hikhik*
for me, as long as my man appreciate me and take me as i am, i love him soo much*hikhik**gedik mode*

survey henset

By sarahtebuan
1. What is your current ringtone?
++This Ain't A Scene*fall out boy*++

2. What is your current wallpaper?

3. Do you own a picture phone?
++Yes!! wponx yg koman jer, jadik la*hihi*++

4. If so, what was the last picture you took?
++the last pic is ME with my new cekak polka dot ala2 retro =D++

5. Go to your text message inbox and type what the 10th message from the top says:
++" org kat luar la td..huhu" *ofismet*++

6. How many contacts do you have on your phone?
++cemane nk kire eh?++

7. Go to your last missed call, who was it?
++ md noor 2 ++

9. What service do you use?
++ hotlink,*music unlimited*++

10. At this very moment, how many bars do you have for your service?
++ F.U.L.L bars++

11. Who’s on your speed dial number 5?
++ sarang tebuan*my rumah laa*++

12. Do you have a voicemail?
++ not sure++

13. How many contacts that start with the letter D do you have:

14. Who do you call the most?
++ =) ++

15. How many text messages do you get a month?
++ i dunno n i dun care =P lalala~++

16. Can you send pictures?
++ oh yeahh~++

17. What are the last 4 digits to your number?
++ 2901*my besday =) * ++

18. Go to your sent texts, what does the eighth one say?
++"Ye ke.Adoi sarah crk tp tak jupe pun!!"++

19. What about the 15th?
++"Sj nk kaco org la tu!!Tau jer org neh blemoih huhu" *whadaaa*++

20. Who’s the last person that you called?
++ abang-fang =) ++

22. Last person that texted you?
++ irwan*ofismet*++

23. Last person you added to your address book?
++ one resort kat cherating ++

24. How many minutes are on your plan?
++ po dio po bondo neh?++

25. Do you like your phone?
++ yeah!! bekos my father give it to me..very precious for me =) ++

26. What is it?
++ norkiah 7610 a.k.a daun++

27. Wanna give out your number?
++ nanananana~~~ ++

nadiana engangement day

By sarahtebuan
hola hola~~
since aku g family vacation time skul hols rituh g langkawi, alang2 aku g laa singgah kat rumah member aku bertunang kat perlis, simpang empat..tatau nape aku beria2 sangat nk g umah dia, siap overnite agi, padahal bukannye hosmet ker ape ponx..alhamdulillah, mak aku izinkan*lepas plak, kalau tak susah jugak nk bg overnite umah org neh*
so sabtu ptg 2hb tuh sampai kat umah nadia a.k.a nana huhu baru aku tau famili dia panggey anak mami plak =P~ rupe2nye ade 2 org foreigner utp yg dtg skali..diorg nk tgk cemane ceremony org melayu kat sini..samiha n tihani namenye, org terpakse la aku mempraktikkan ilmu PCS aku n diorg neh lagi skali*haihh* agaknye aku neh kene kawan n foreigner jer kot =P
malam tuh jez lepak2 n tolong kemas2 pape yg patut utk esok..dinner..layan tv sambil sembang2 ngn abang2 n adik beradik dia..melayan anak sedara dia..n adik nana jugak..famili diorg treat aku baik famili sendiri..dalam dekat2 koi11 g teman kakak nana wat sireh junjung utk esok..along cm regret sbb dapat bunga yg tak fresh n bahan yg tak cukup kat perlis tuh..huhu tapi hasil dia ok la..tadek laa terok sangat ponx..neh haa sireh junjungnye..
so malam tuh kitorg masuk tido awal kat luar dgr riuh rendah lagi..tringat plak zmn aku masa budak2, tido ramai2 n kezen2 aku masa kecik2 dulu kat rumah tok..skang neh plak ade yg dah kawen, pregnant dah ponx*haishh*
esoknyee..aku dah bgn awal bajet nana nk ajak teman g bersiap..tapi dia plak bajet aku tak bgn lagi so dia ajak adik dia*hampeh*siap2 jer, breakfast..sambil tolong kat dapor pa pe yg patut =) koi10++ nana ponx sampai umah dah bersiap..waweee~ cm nk nari zapin plak =P but nice, my mum ponx cakap baju dia cantik*jeles* so nana meghap aku pakaikan rantai and what so ever thing kat bdn dia smbil aku kene teman dia dalam bilik..
so dalam koi11 rombongan lelaki datang..tatau nape aku plak yg cuak dgr diorg dok sembang..nana lagi laa..tak larat aku nk dgr dia cakap tgh serabut perut huhu yg besnyee samiha ponx lagi she the one going to be engaged..aku siap kene agi, "after this, we are waiting for ur engagement" whadaaa~~
then, upacara menyarung cincin, aku jugak yg terpakse meneman nana ke depan =)
so secara rasminye nana jadik tunang org!!
waaaa..tokleh nk roxx sangat ah mcm neh weh =P~
pas sarung cincin setel down, aku g ke dapor tlg wat keje2 since cm tak cukup org..yg nana neh dok bising cakap aku wat keje dtg umah dia..ishh ade yg nk kene ketok pale neh =P
hurm the most touching moment is bile nana peluk mak dia pas jadik tunang org..and she cried!! and when sumone started, me ponx cannot stand already though me marah nana cakap dangan nanes because this is ur also started to cry n hard to stop ="(
nana's father dah tadek..since she is the last daughter..her father passed away a year ago i think..i can feel it since we both very closed to our father...we also share the same feeling, when i feel blue n missing my father..
so pas majlis dah setel, aku ponx balik kg tanam jagung..yeye~!!
i love the 11 hantarans esp the bekas cincin..sweet sangat dgn sweet pink..along nana yg buat..
cm tema utk dat day the little mermaid plak...
so, here are some of the hantarans for that day..
suwi la may be tak nmpk gelap ker ape..stndrd laa..kamera ponx 3.2 megapixels jer =P

dis one is the significant for all those thing..
one for merisik..
another one is for bertunang..
heh, still cannot believe it dear that u r enganged!!
so aku ponx interview la, ape perasaan jadik tunangan org neh..tadek pa pe ponx dia cakap, jez kene lagi jaga diri bebaik laa, sebab dah libatkan dua famili =) but still not matured enough laa!! *hikhik*
so...who's NEXT??
anyone from SHADAPIANX may bE??

af 5 finale

By sarahtebuan
aloha~ lame gell tak mengupdet blog..dengan bz keje+network sinin suckxx+kdg2 moody+my own problemo, so here i am =) bhn nk updet blog ponx dah lapok sebulan dah neh..tatau la valid ker tak agi..tapi takper laa..sebagai syarat n kepuasan diri jer la =P
ha nk citer sket pasal konsert AF5 final tempoh hari..tempoh tak tempoh dah sebulan laa..mende alah tuh berlalu *hukhuk* sekejap jer masa berlalu..kalau nk ikutkan, af kali neh aku plg tak layan sekali since tak dok kat umah mahuponx utp dah..tapi cm tau cmtuh2 jer la..
since aku mendapat dis 'invitation' from dat sumone utk g nenok af final, layan jer la..masa hari g carik tiket, may be tuah muke chomey la kot*hikhik* aku berjaya mendapat tiket kat seating arena wponx masa dah begitu suntuk.. so neh la tandanya aku berjaya membuat muke chomey kat abang cashier tuh =P~ haha
so on that day, kitorg ponx dalam koi berapa tah g sane, ptg dekat2 koi6..tuh ponx setelah sesat ke mana hala, dari ke PJ sampai ke masuk subang nk ke Kesas baru aku cham jalan*hikhik* area2 PJ neh fail btol laa especially dari Midvalley =P~

so sesampainye bukit jalil, pintu stadium tak bukak agi, so ushar jap kat booth kat luar tuh esp booth Heliza*whadaaa* and then booth dafi*utk beli sumthing for my sista* since minat gell n dafi*aku hanya mampu menggelengkan kepala*
so time dok berator kat luar tuh mcm fan aswad yg byk n hingaq..aku lagi skali menggelengkan kepala tgk perangai org kampung aku haha =P~
so neh la some of the pic yg aku sempat snap b4 dat nite nye show..aku ske tgk diorg punye fan club lawan sesame diorg, esp aswad nye fan aku tak dapat bygkan laa time mawi dulu, sure lagi laa havoc =P
tapi yg tak besnyee pas org dah ramai, pak gad dgn strictnye tak bg gune kamera utk tangkap gamba seme..kalau tak diorg la may be nk prevent piracy ker ape..tapi of kos la mesti ada yg terlepas nye..
b4 mulenye show dat nite, seating yg kitorg duduk tuh dekat dgn pintu artis kua masuk n quite depan la nmpk laa artis kuar masuk..tak sangke lak Kaer af quite kiut, bile dia tgk n bye-bye kitorg cm jerit haha cm ape jer..terasa diri cm bebudak smule =P n then shawal lagi*haish* so to dat sumone yg tgk konsert n aku tuh, sabar jer laa eh..mmg neh la myself esp bila tgk live show mcm neh yg jupe artis huhu n then velvet dah kurus!! jeles btoll aku tgkk..yg plg aku tak dapat lupekan, dpt tgk farid kamil*haihh* dah ler dok satu row n aku tapi dia depan laa..lembik lutut dah =P
so show dat nite is great!!even aku tak layan af, tp tetap leh layan final nye..dgn lagu diorg nyanyi ada yg hiburkan aku takponx mengalirkan air mata..only u noe y me like dat..quite sensitif n hayati lagu yg diorg nynyi..thnx for dat sumone for body language yg mampu memujuk wponx secara tak langsung n i noe dat u feel it..
after abis af final, aku ponx melancarkan projek yg selalu dilakukan bile jupe artis n celebrity..rumet mesti paham kan, yuni too!! =D n dis time i do it alone..dgn pnuh kebranian aku g depan sorang g tangkap gamba diorg neh n some of the celebrities tapi aku tak dapat la nk publish kat sini =D y aku cakap dgn pnuh kebranian?sbb my kredit hp dah YELEKK!!! haha kondifen gell..takper2 aku tau dia akan carik nye =)
so neh la some of the shots yg aku dapat after dat konsert, neh semenye..ade jer gamba cikgu jasmine tapi malas laa ramai sanagt nk berfoto dgn dia since aku ke depan sorang =P
this one only the finalist..tuh je la..gile tak expressive aku, may b sebab perasaan tuh dah lepas pada sebulan yg lalu..tapi perasaan lain plak yg menjelma semakin membara since dat nite =)
thanx for the treat and wonderful wiken dear..
congratz too for mila..for the first time juara af is pompan hukhuk..well, she deserved it..dun care la sum people said kemenangan dirancang or long as she deserved it =)
anyway, she's roxX!!

terlalu cinta - rossa

By sarahtebuan
Jangan dekat atau jangan datang kepadaku lagi
Aku semakin tersiksa karena tak memilikimu
Kucoba jalani hari dengan pengganti dirimu
Tapi hatiku selalu berpihak lagi padamu

Mengapa semua ini terjadi kepadaku

Tuhan maafkan diri ini
Yang tak pernah bisa menjauh dari angan tentangnya
Namun apalah daya ini
Bila ternyata sesungguhnya aku terlalu cinta dia…
Tapi hatiku selalu berpihak lagi padamu

Mengapa semua ini terjadi kepadaku

Tuhan maafkan diri ini
Yang tak pernah bisa menjauh dari angan tentangnya
Namun apalah daya ini
Bila ternyata sesungguhnya aku terlalu cinta dia…

Aku terlalu cinta dia…

p/s: ske sangat lagu neh..this song specially dedicated to 'dia'..eventhough we r miles apart, my mind cant stop thinking bout u..can't think of sumbody else..i will be waiting for u, for the times being that i still can matter how people n u will be said..
bie, i noe that u wont and cannot understand..dis song is for u and i will sing for u then.. =)

infinity infinatez =D

By sarahtebuan
i come to ofis this morning..and open my fwenster..suddenly nenok kat pending fren request..
then i scream pepagi dekat ofis!!

dis guy is adding me and i m sooo ding dong and flip flop for whole this morning..
'kena marah pun tak kisah' =P

haishh..i wish that i can see him and his gang performing live soon!!!

=) **speechless**

p/s: met, jum ah met 17hb neh =D


benda kecik ponx nk bising

By sarahtebuan
semlm otw balik kL..atas bas yg aku nek tuh..mmg dia tak pnah stop agi b4 ade la sorang aunty keturunan benggali neh..tadek la aunty sangat ponx..anak dia 2 org umor 8 thn n 9 thn cm tuh jaa..g la ke depan kat drebar bas tuh..kirenye kali ke-2 la dia g bitau yg mintak tlg benti kan..sbb anak dia tak tahan nk shi mmg aku dah roger ponx, bas yg aku salu dok nek tuh akan stop kat the next r n r..may b aunty tuh 1st time nek, dia tatau la kot..
yg drebar tuh ponx satu..may be dia tak tahan aunty tuh dok push so benti..may be dia rimas..tiba2 jer dia g fire kata dia dah cakap akan stop dia akan stop laa..tak payah la nk kene dtg cakap sampai 10 kali..
yg si aunty neh ponx bengang lagi sbb dia cakap leklok, si drebar plak g fire cm tuh..sapa tak hangen kalau jadik cm tuh..dengan suara drebar tuh quite kuat gak laa..aku yg dok belakang dekat seat no 15 ponx leh dengar..makin lama makin kuat lak diorg gadoh*hukhuk*
pasang telinga dengar jer la..dah gelombang2 tuh masuk kot cuping tinga neh ha..layan jer laa..dalam hati aku cakap 2,2 salah..bnda alah tuh ponx nk bising..bising apa yg dapat..lagi lambat anak si aunty tuh nk g shi shi..lagi lambat nk sampai kL..
aku ponx paham kalau kat tmpt aunty tuh..anak dia dah tak tahan sangat nk shi shi..dah la budak a mother mesti dia layan anak dia..tambh plak bas tuh tak pnah stop lagi..
kalau aku kat tmpt drebar tuh ponx sama jugak, rimas jugak org dtg bitau sampai seploh kali nk benti..ade yg nk kene ketok kepale neh =P
pa pe ponx aku dapat meleraikan perang mulut tuh secara tak langsung..dok gadoh agi kt tgh pintu bas..aku wat2 slamber dekat ngan diorg cakap nk tuwon bas neh..
so secara tak langsung diorg stop kat situ..

p/s: aku ponx nk g toilet gak sbnrnya =D

survey owang cakit pewut

By sarahtebuan
1.Honestly, what color is your wallet?
++ black + red + white ++

2. Honestly, whats on your mind?
++ wanna quit dis job! ++

3. Honestly, what are you doing right now?
++ working, updating my own blog ++

4. Honestly, do you think you are attractive?
++ no, i am not ++

5. Honestly, have you done something bad today?
++ nope ++

6. Honestly, who are you thinking of now?
++ ofismet*mane la diorg pergi neh, beg diorg still ada kat sini neh* ++

7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel?
++ yes!!*lurve to watch totally spies,martin mystery, dats so raven* ++

8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone?
++ may be..ade sket kot*hurmm* ++

9. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?
++ spend time with him and my family..oopss my fwenz too =) ++

10. Honestly, do you bite your nails?
++ long time ago ++

11. Honestly, do you have an eating disorder?
++ aa..nk diet..bdn gumok..tpi kene marah*cedey* ++

12. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute?
++ of kos i do..but he wont understnd me and never do*sigh* ++

13. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret??
++ yeS, it will remain secret i guess ++

14. Honestly, do you have a friend you don't actually like?
++ ade..bajet bagus sangat!! ++

15. Honestly, are you confused with your feelings?
++ hurmm..i guess so.. ++

16. Honestly, who would you wanna be
with right now?
++ my family and with him*fly me to kuantan now plz..* ++

17. Honestly, do you like someone?
++ yEs! ++

18. Honestly, does anyone like you?
++ hoho i think So..but wat2 tatau n tak layan jerk =P ++

19. Honestly, are u an easy going person?
++ ask my fwenz lorh.. ++

By sarahtebuan
balik awal dulu eh..
sangat rasa tak sedap bdn..
simptom2 nye macam demam rituh, viral fever..
sakit tekak tibe2..
tadek mood..
kepala berat..
mata jadik panas nk nanges..
satu bdn sakit2..
len kali laa eh updet..
bu bu..
selamat menengok pirates kat carribean ye...

watsons sungei wang

By sarahtebuan
pada hari itu..
aku keje wiken..
tibe2 jer masuk pager kes watsons sg wang..
then aku ponx call la that customer..
pada masa yg sama..
sementara nunggu henset neh mendail..
aku ponx dgn pnuh kenakalan mengusik kak is..
ketika menonton cerita 'misteri' kt tv3 time tuh..
sambil membuat bunyi seperti..
cepat pulak customer menjawab panggilanku..
dgn pnuh sikap profesionalisme..
aku ponx bercakap n customer tuh pasal problem yg direport..
padahal dalam hati..
tuhan saja yg tahu perasaan malu menyelubungi diri..
mamat neh dah lame ker dgr aku mengarot sorang2 kat teliponx neh..
agak2 jer..
aku ponx dgn pnuh kebranian di dalam dada..
mule bertanyakan dat customer..
"awak dah lame ker angkat call tadi eh.."
"nape awak tanye" dalam kedengaran dia dok gelak2 sket2*hampeh*
"tadek laa..saje jer nk tau.."
tibe2 jer die bantai gelak kuat2 kat aku..
demmit neh mesti fail ah tadi..
"haaa kantoi tadi.."
"alamak dengar eh tadi huhu..saje jer ngusik member tadi..tak sangke plak awak jawab call cepat.."
"haha takper2..jadik rasia kerajaan" hampehnye mamat neh..kenekan aku plak..
" k la awak..cer try pe yg sy soh awak wat tadi dulu..kang saya call awak balik k.."
" kalau counter tak oK jugak cemane.."
"takper la, saya call engineer soh g check la anti.."
"kalau dia tak dtg cemane.."
"kalau dia tak dtg, anti die yg kene marah.."
"ape plak, saya nk org yg tgh cakap fon neh dtg fixkan problem neh" hampehnye customer..kene lagi aku..
"ape pulak, kite jez helpdesk jer.."
"haha..k la..meh sini no taliponx bia saya call bile saya dah siap wat awak soh" chehh tektik nk no fon aku laa neh..
"takper awak..dalam 10 minit agi saya call awak balik..dalam koi7.40 ker.."
"tuh dah lebeh 10 minit.."
"ye la ye la..awak wat jer laa saya soh tadi tuh.."
mamat watsons sg wang tuh ingtkan aku yg nk dtg store..amik ko jet suami org yg g =D
eniway, mamat watsons tuh nama Maman..siap tinggalkn henset number..

takper la maman, bile2 la i g sg wang, wat2 g watsons k jupe u =P

sayang tak bererti memiliki??

By sarahtebuan
org cakap "sayang tak bererti memiliki.."
dah tuh watper kite sayangkan seseorang itu..
kalau kite tak mampu nk memiliki..
kehidupan ini sangat tak adil..
wponx ku dah biase dgn keadaan di mana..
org yg aku sayang..
pastinya takkan dapat bersamaku..
lelaki yg kusayang selalu pergi tinggalkan diriku..
lelaki yg paling kusayang dalam hidupku..
tlh pergi ke pangkuan Illahi..
lelaki yg membesarkan ku..
ketika sekolah rendah..
pergi dan amik ku dari tusyen..
juga mengikuti jejak langkah ayah..
si dia..
lelaki yang paling aku cintai sepanjang hidup aku..
juga tak dapat hidup bersama ku..
tak mungkin hendak bersama susah senang denganku..
kasih sayangku sia-sia..

i'm hurt..
nobody can feel this pain..
i feel it alone..
and i m all alone....

By sarahtebuan
kesibukan di tempat keje hingga membuatkan ku tak sempat nk mengupdet blog neh..wponx tlh dirancang utk mengepost entry hari neh..
hampeh nye rini, especially bile laki wat2 hari neh Hari Piyed Laki Sedonia..


By sarahtebuan
"You should have told me you didn`t like me any more..
But I couldn`t see that and you just rushed me.."

survey tunggu ujan benti~

By sarahtebuan
[1] are u single,taken,crushin?
++single n crushin salu..kdg2 jer taken++

[2] are you happy with where you are?
++sumtimes n depends++

[3] when you meet the right person,do you fall fast?
++depends on person n situation..kalau hati dah ske++

[4] have u ever had ur heart broken?
++a'aa, hurt me sumtimes tho++

[5] would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
++depends on issue..i need to noe first, the reason cheating on me++

[6] have you ever talked about marriage with another person?
++ of course YES!! i'm 23 already n still single..duhhH~++

[7] do you want kids?
++yeah..can't wait to have my own baby++

[8] how many?
++at least 3..and above haha =P++

[9] would you consider adoption?
++yeah..pnah terpk masa sekolah dulu, nk tlg org susah++

[10] if somebody liked you right now, what do you think is a cool way to say
++y u like me? theres other gurl better than me++

[11] do you enjoy playing hard to get?
++of course YEs!!depends on person too haha++

[12] do you want someone you can't have?
++hurmm a'aa..2 person in my mind rite definitely a nO nO for me, another one still got the chances i think++

[13] do you believe love at first sight exists?
++sort @ 1st site for my eX and ofismet may B*hikhik*++

[14] do you believe in celebrating anniversaries? really appreciate in sumthing precious to me =)++

[15] do you believe that you can change someone?
++hurm sumtimes..but i love sumone by the way he is..can accept u bie*even u buwuk or buncroy*++

[16] do you have feelings for someone right now?
++iye saye..++

[17] Do you still have feelings for an Ex?
++frankly, a big YES for that++

[18] have you ever cheated on someone?

[19] would you ever consider getting married in high school?
++dah lepas ponx high skul =P *ingt citer OTH ker*++

[20] would you marry any of your ex`s if they ask?
++hurm, yes..i still love him..dgn restu famili n jodoh++